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About T-SAN Electronics

semiconductor chipBased in Southern California, T-SAN Electronics supplies electronic components to OEMs, CEMs, and other high tech firms. Our staff of experienced professionals can help you find the part you are looking for and provide delivery when you need it.

Sourcing our own extensive inventory, ranging from the latest technology to hard-to-find components, and our on-line product search network, T-SAN's representatives supply Clients with accurate answers and competitively priced products fast.

Benefits of using T-SAN
  • Extensive on-the-shelf inventory
  • Global sourcing network
  • Hard-to-find parts specialist
  • ISO9000/ESD compliant
  • Automated systems including our Part Seeker

T-SAN’s strongest electronics manufacturer lines include many of the top companies in the world. As an independent electronics distributor, we are not limited to these lines or the associated lead times often involved through franchised channels. Our extensive business relationships guarantee that we can get your part when you need it.

Our mission

We work to save you both time and money while helping to satisfy all of your electronic component purchasing and needs. We can quickly provide electronics suppliers with obsolete components and discontinued semiconductors.

As one of the oldest names in the electronic distributor business, we have the resources and reach to be able to find obsolete parts that is unmatched industrywide. If you can't find your part, call us and we will track it down using our global network of manufacturers.

Success in business requires inspiration, innovation, and commitment. Because we understand the value of enduring client/distributor relationships, you'll find all of these and more at T-SAN Electronics, Inc.


T-SAN Electronics Inc.
4040 Spencer Street unit H
Torrance, CA 90503

Phone: 310-542-8666 Fax: 310-542-8674

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