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semiconductor serial card
Like a loyal friend, T-SAN Electronics, Inc. is a company you can depend on. Serving as an Independent Distributor of electronic components, T-SAN Electronics' mission is to help clients save time and money while helping to satisfy all of their electronic component and purchasing and inventory reduction needs.

Based in Southern California, T-SAN Electronics' staff of experienced professionals sets the standard for teamwork. Sourcing our own extensive inventory, ranging from the latest to hard-to-find components, and our on-line product search network, T-SAN's representatives supply Clients with accurate answers and competitively priced products fast. And because T-SAN uses ISO 9002 compliant systems, and offers many value-added services, you can expect a perfect performance every time.

Success in business, as in friendships, requires inspiration, innovation, and commitment. Because we understand the value of enduring Client/Distributor relationships, you'll find all of these and more at T-SAN Electronics, Inc.

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