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semiconductor chipT-SAN Electronics is a high tech privately owned electronic component distribution company in Los Angeles California with a knowledgable staff of trained part sourcing specialists.

Electronics Sourcing

Trust T-SAN Electronics to find and deliver the right electronic components for your business application. We run through thousands of parts daily and can find your obsolete component - fast. Use our advanced electronic component sourcing tool to gain maximum levrege from all the available parts databases. Our inventory resources are updated daily to ensure you have access to the components you need.

Distributor Resources

Quality electronic parts are not enough if they cannot be delivered. T-SAN has a solid network of semiconductor distributors that can provide true just in time performance. This includes hard to find electronic components, specialty battery cases, and distressed semiconductors.

T-SAN Electronics is a leading independent of semiconductors, integrated circuits, batteries and more. We stock a wide variety of board-level active and passive devices ranging from leading edge technology to the hard-to-find, obsolete and allocated products. In addition to our extensive in-house components inventory, we have access to millions of products worldwide through our network of global trading partners. Our staff is specially trained in global logistics to get you the products you need when you need them.

T-SAN Electronics - your source for computer electronics manufacturers and accessories.

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