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Get the most up to date electronics industry information from the T-SAN electronic parts component news feed. Search for information on our semiconductor sourcing and wholesale parts distribution network. View the comprehensive manufacturers list to see our sourcing list. TSAN Electronics stocks and sources electronic components for OEMs, retail computer distributors and other high-tech companies.

T-SAN is founded on the principles of an expert electronic component distributor and works with an extensive list of semiconductor manufacturers to find allocated or hard to find parts.

We strive to give you the best possible service in the electronics sourcing industry. T-SAN offers competitive prices and immediate delivery on a wide variety of electronic products. Experience the difference of a wholesale distributor that can find the right electronics parts the first time.

Contact our sales department to get a live person who will remember your name and source the right parts for your business. If we can't fill your electronics needs, the components are not available.

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