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Q: In the field of electronic component supply, what is a Franchised Distributor?

a: A Franchised Distributor is licensed by an electronic component Manufacturer to be an exclusive supplier of their products. Unlike T-San Electronics, Inc., an independent electronics distributor who can literally search the world for parts, the Franchised Distributor is allowed to source only their own inventory and the factory for that Manufacturers' products. If they are out of stock, then both the Franchised Distributor and the client are stuck waiting for the next supply delivery or allocation releases, many times too late to meet the clients need.

Q: What is the role of an Independent Distributor?

a: Frequently the electronic components that clients seek have been discontinued, allocated, made subject to long lead times, or are unavailable. As an Independent Distributor, T-SAN Electronics, Inc. strives to supply such hard-to-find and in-demand products by foreseeing the need, purchasing and stocking the products, and being able to supply them to our clients when needed. T-SAN will also search its global contact database to find the products elsewhere if the client's requested items are not in stock.

Q: Why would you want to choose T-SAN Electronics, Inc. over a Franchised Distributor?

a: Sometimes timing can be everything, even more so when you are up against a deadline. You can depend on T-SAN Electronics, Inc. to come through for you in satisfying all of your electronic component needs. We offer many Value-Added Services, and with our goal to keep our product sourcing speed impressive, our prices competitive, and our personal services incomparable, why go anywhere else?

Q: How large of an order does T-SAN Electronics, Inc. require?

a: Whether you need only one or one thousand parts, at T-SAN your order is important to us. As a trusted electronic component distributor, we understand that meeting all of your product needs, large or small, is what helps build a great client/distributor relationship. At T-SAN Electronics, Inc. that's what we strive for.

Q: Are you obligated to make a purchase once you've sent T-SAN a Buy Request?

a: Although our goal is to satisfy all of our client's (and prospective client's) electronic component needs, sometimes not all Buy Requests can be met. At T-SAN Electronics, Inc., our goal is that the next time you send us a Buy Request, that we will be able to satisfy it.

Q: What is it that makes T-SAN Electronics your best choice?

a: At T-SAN Electronics Inc., we believe in treating Clients and their Requests on an individual basis. Whether a Client needs their order assembled and delivered tomorrow, or just in time to meet their deadline, our electronic component distributor process delivers just the way the Client wants it. Personally satisfying a Client's electronic components need is always T-SAN Electronics' top priority.

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