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Counterfeiting: A Common Problem Among Electric Component Distributors and Consumers Alike

Electronic gadgets and equipments come in handy these days. They make almost every aspect of our lives easy. For example, cell phones and computers make global communication possible. Tower cranes used in construction make building of mega structures manageable. It’s because of their usefulness that people have become dependent on them. However, there is one problem. The electronics industry is no longer safe from counterfeiting. Even electric components are being forged these days. What’s worse about counterfeit products is that they don’t pass quality control. This makes them unsafe and inefficient to use. As a matter of fact, millions of lives were put to risk because of faulty electric components. It’s not only the consumers who are affected by counterfeiting. Electric component distributors are also victims of it.

Electric component distributors play a vital role in the electronics industry. They are responsible in marketing manufactured electric components in local and international market. Distributors are the first to interact with the consumers. They are also the first to receive complaints regarding their products. Take for example a product defect. Consumers will ask for a replacement or refund if the product is found to be defective. But if the defective product endangers the consumer’s life, the distributor then faces a lawsuit. Lawsuit is the last this that distributors would want to deal with.

Counterfeiting starts from the manufacturing process. In order to meet the growing demands, manufacturers would double their productivity. The increase in production also calls for greater operating expenditure. Since manufacturers are after for increased productivity at the lowest price possible, some of them counterfeit their products. They would refurbish and tamper used electronic components, and dispatch them to the distributors. Distributors then unknowingly sell these counterfeit products to the consumers.

Another problem is how easily counterfeit products reach the market through the internet. The internet is the best place to market all sort of commodities. One good reason for this is its accessibility to all. However, not all internet trading sites have a safety net against unscrupulous members. There are some electric component distributors that are unwary of their members. Some lack the knowledge on how to screen members for credibility. Because of this, they easily become victims of counterfeiting.

Counterfeiting is a problem that won’t come to an end anytime soon. However, there are ways that this can be minimized. For example, distributors can take part by knowing the credibility of their manufacturers. They can also perform random inspection of the quality of the products they are selling. Consumers can also take part by purchasing from authorized electric component distributors only.

Surely, no one would want to use a computer with a motherboard that would short circuit. And no one would even dare to ride an airplane with faulty switchboards or batteries. Invest only on products that are of good quality. Start off by looking for authorized electric component distributors.

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