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In the fast paced modern world of electronic components development and innovation, there is always the products and devices that are useful but left behind in the onward rush to create better, faster, and cheaper. The world of electronics moves so quickly that often perfectly sound and functional devices become obsolete before their time -- sometimes forcing industry and business to expensive upgrades of whole systems. Finding these components, and knowing they are reliable and readily available, is an added advantage to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Firstly, being aware that certain components are becoming obsolete is important. End-of-life (EOL) is a term used with respect to a retailed product - in this case electronic parts - indicating that the product is at the end of its lifetime and a vendor or manufacturer will no longer be marketing, selling, or promoting it. They may also be limiting or ending support and/or service for the product.

Manufacturers find it necessary from time to time to discontinue products for a number of reasons which may include: product line enhancements, upgrades, or offering the same product at a different cost. When a product reaches its end of life (EOL), there are steps taken throughout the EOL period - including the initial EOL notification, Last Order Date (LOD) for product, End of Support (EOS) dates, as well as other key information pertaining to the products.

In a typical end-of-life model, from the time of the manufacturer's EOL announcement to the time that the product is no longer for sale nor has any support can be up to 5 years. It may be 6 months from the announcement until the last order is taken (LOD), but the delivery and service period may be up to 5 years after that - depending on the manufacturer.

In today’s global market, it’s not uncommon to have dozens of companies able to provide what would usually be considered obsolete components, but diminishing source technologies that have been discontinued by the major manufacturers which are still needed to support spare parts requirements and manufacturing are still needed. It's just a matter of finding them. Some of the manufacturers aren’t as well known as the big names, yet they continue to turn out quality products. There are electronic parts that are not necessarily being made anymore and these are particularly difficult to find.

T-san is a global marketplace for hard to find and obsolete electronic parts. We are here to help you find appropriate alternatives that can be cross referenced by our expert technical assistants. T-san Electronics can assist in locating end-of-life or obsolete integrated circuits (ICs), capacitors, connectors, CPUs, crystals, crystal oscillators, diodes, LEDS, resistors, transistors, memory, and much much more. The quick and easy electronics parts seeker alerts our sales department instantly an acknowledges by email as soon as it is received. A representative will research your request and contact you as soon as we locate your electronics device or a viable replacement.

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